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Huyu daktari is right. We shouldn’t be talking of post corona, we just need to accept this virus is going to be part of us and adjust accordingly. My only worry is the vulnerable persons amongst us.

In that case, governments should just open up their economies and let people to go on with their lives as they work hard on dealing with treatment of upcoming cases.

Magufulu alivyosema haya mkamuita mkaidi sasa WHO wanarudia ndio mnaamini hakika wakenya ni dhaifu sana mbele ya ngozi nyeupe

Maybe the crazy nigga was right after all!

So all those vaccines they said are on trials have failed ukiona ivyo

Haya mtoke ndani muache kujifungia corona ni ugonjwa kama magonjwa mengine ile pressure mlitengeneza mkope naona itaisha sasa

There is a National Security Council meeting tomorrow Friday chaired by Uhunye.It is rumored that some restrictions will be eased.

“Wajinga ndio waliwao”

They have not failed,around 17 of them have proceeded to human trials.They will be available in September at the earliest.

Endelea kujifungia kwa nyumba ukiogopa korona.Chances are high you already got infected and recovered without even knowing it.Go test for covid-19 antibodies uone kama hutakuwa positive:D:DThe virus was here with us as early as mid January boss.Wee ndio mjinga mkuu.

Jeez. That will be a smart move

Mimi nijifungie na Rais wetu Magufuli kasema tuchape kazi
Huo upuuzi hatufanyi uku

Mnakunywa fombe huko ama vilabu zimefungwa?

The only place where life is almost at a standstill is NairobiThe rest of the towns and cities life ni kawaida except during curfew hours…KRA is lagging behind in its tax collections because of a virus that is not causing 10,000 deaths as earlier predicted.The following have been proven true:
1.Vitamin D deficiency in populations caused severe infections leading to deaths.Here we get enough sun.
2.We have BCG vaccination policy which has boosted our immunity and helped in protecting us from the virus.Similar to Portugal which is the only country that gives BCG.They have registered only1600 deaths.
3.Africans dont have as many angiotensin converting enzyme receptors in the lungs as asians and wazungus.The virus latches on these receptors as it infects a human.
Utaskia oh oh,but in the states some cities have small african american populations and yet these african americans have the highest covid-19 deaths.Its because these small populations of niggas are the most affected by poverty diabetes cancer pneumonia etc and have limited access to healthcare corona ikiwapata ni death.

Plus they are not having the advantage of no.1 and 2.

Hawa wazungu pia wako na ufala …wachukue iyo concoction ya Madagascar and endorse it watu wakunywe mos mos…

Maisha yanaendela kama kawaida ni shule tu ndio zimefungwa

Huko ni afadhali basi. Hapa ni stress tu inamaliza sisi Kwa nyumba.

Hio concotion imetengenezwa by boiling artemisia tree,where artemisinin is extractedfor malaria treatment.They argue that if guys drink it there will be widespread resistance to malaria due to under dosing.