Latest Drive-by Shooting In Chicongo

I just like the comments in RT.


Vile Qur’an inasema when the day of qiyamah is near there will be killings killings and killings everywhere

Not our problem

Let the faggots kill each other.

Sunda hiyo quran up your ass

Nyeusi wa huko wanapenda mambo za hood. So to them those shootings are just a process of “representing the hood”

Obama, the first ‘black’ president + senator of Chicago all those years alisaidia wapi? Then people think that liberals have working solutions for people’s problems.

There have been killings and killings way before the caliphate sioni kitu ikichange. Lete the chicongese do what they do best

the volume ama frequency is about to increase by the middle of this century ile statement imeandikwa that the number of men will decrease such that the one man will take care of 50 women itaanza kushow…watch this thread