Latest arrival. Cheki maneno, to be used in March pale Tsavo ballroom

[ATTACH=full]222393[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]222394[/ATTACH]thinking of patching some internal fixtures on the visualiser

Your set up has more controls and dials than a Airbus A380. Now because you use this instrument together with others that have even more buttons and switches, does every one of the buttons mean anything concerning the nature of music played or is it just decoration and flamboyance?

Unabonyeza wapi ndio isema " thitimaaaa"

wanted to ask, how easy is it for a DJ to fly a plane.

thumbs up Kizee, I see a lot of passion in what you do.

you’ll be surprised when I tell you that the console actually doesn’t play music but lights.

The buttons that you see most of them are faders

That can be banked in the sythentic soft keys of a normal DJ console

From right to left.

On the right we have attribute keys followed by blue keys known as function keys.

We have a numeric keypad

Then the window selection keys

3 jog wheels

On the left side we have 10 faders that can be used as playbacks.

A touch screen.

Macro keys are found on top of the attribute and function keys. They are grey and blue

On top of the macro keys we have another set of special faders that can be used as normal faders too

On the right side of the touch screen is menu latch keys.

You see Si buttons mingi

All that for a guy to interrupt my listening experience when at a club…my dancing by blinding me and giving my dancing partner weird alien colourations…
Good for you madam lakini…

a few clubs(by a few I mean 2) use a lighting console in all the clubs you’ve been in Nairobi anyway pole ulipatana na amateurs, I will invite you to one of my gigs uone magic

Nice! How many fixtures does the ballroom have?

the firm that am working for has a good number of fixtures ranging from sharpies, led wash, beeyes, new model parcans, phantoms, 15 eye channels, matrix, astroid UFOs, a couple of generic dimmers, scanners, and also led panels, not forgetting confetti dischargers, smoke and fog machines and finally the latest kvant lasers.

Pia mimi nataka invite:rolleyes:

Very nice man!

wacha ma show zianze Bado tuko dry spell

I guess you know a thing or two about what I do

Just a bit here and there, I used to work closely with an events team.

Are those the kinda light controller used during Smirnoff ice xperience way back?sema kizunguzungu guys were flat out kwa floor just a minute in there.

Ukipatana na mtu Ajalipwa poa with a bogus fixtures that’s what you’re subjected to.