Late nyt poll

Take the poll


Sounds like something I won’t say NO to…

Meffi poll…Just shows your reasoning capacity is low

HEHEH. @cortedivoire itabidi uhame pale deepktalk. To get there you need to find a client ktalkTor

Retard,who is in the wrong group?me or you??

Bora isikuwe na machine kama zile viti za NV

Hii swali ni interesting, it depends on who is pushing the chair kama ni Yvonne okwara anaskuma akiwa uchi then I would wank hadi josto itoe hewa

Wewe enda deepweb tu uachane na sisi normal Kenyans in peace.


You just cant get it.:D:D

He he he!


Hii nugu inakuwanga na polls zingine za ushetani sana.

cum on the move:D:D:D:D

Please come with the results n tell us after u try. [FONT=Arial][SIZE=7]U[/SIZE][/FONT]

Anza section ya [SIZE=7]UMEFFI.[/SIZE]

you still new

If @Phylgee is naked too and pushing the wheelchair, yes.

Thought provoking question. I definitely wouldn’t say no but yet again can’t really say yes