Late nyt poll

Take the poll

Where are you from?

:D:DBuda hata sijamaliza swali

Ngai, is this your valentines special poll?


sasa na wewe ,how do you expect someone to take such a ‘pole’

This is the worst poll I have ever seen

Just from intercontinental hotel session ya RBA na AGPO concerning LPO’s, since youth fund is involved there was a session on hiv and aids, huyo jamaa amesema tuwache kufungua condom na mdomo and sucking each other, wewe hapa unaongea kuhusu wearing a used condom. SMH



Hiyo poll nimekataa

I doubt you are sober when creating these poles?

All his polls are the worst polls we’ve ever seen.

that’s wot I say to myself every other day!





Could this be coming from kamiti?

Hehehe @cortedivoire you have really outdone your last poll this time round lets see if you can beat it tomorrow

Valentine’s edition :D:D:D