Late night snack with njogu ini


Hii kitu inakuwanga mzooori sana…minus the liquid for me. You roll it up and voila,African taco made

Wewe ni mungich sindio?

Damu…iko swali?

No disrespect for other peoples culture and tastes but I only buy omena to feed my cat… I have never tasted those things…

Totally relate sister. Tried once and didn’t like. A visitor once brought a bag to my house. Couldn’t wait for him to leave so I kick it out of the house.

Inaletanga usingizi.

Back in campus there was an invisible rule that if you wanted to eat omena never bring them into the room…horrible and smelly little fish…

kwani jakuonist @coldpilsner = pure blood @Wakanyama?

It smells like shit literally

How now?

When someone eats it before going to bed, one experiences heavy sleep.


has any one heard of uji ya omena

harufu ya omena ndio hua inaudhi mttu akipikia ground floor itanuka ploti mzima

Unauliza watu wa cereals for breakfast maswali aina gani @Meria Mata

Just wait uskie ukiitwa peasant

What stops me from eating them is the smell, and wide dread-inspiring eyes.

Very good for a baby but it has to be mixed with sorghum or millet.

Kuna vile inaoshwa before cooking, smell inaisha.

nilikunywa nikiwa mdogo