Last supper

Funny opinion of how the chinese see the US and its allies

The image is supposed to look like the last supper, on the table is a cake with the chinese map


Us- Bald Eagle leader
Japan - Dog- faithful servant will do anything US says, doesn’t have a seat at the table lol
Australia -Kangaroo - two faced Judas trying to play both China and the states
Germany -Hawk - doesn’t care about china
France - Rooster - doesn’t care about china
UK-Lion -closest american ally
Canada - nutria(swamp rat) - marijuana is the only thing he wants
India - Elephant - Sick Beggar
Taiwan-frog under table-beggar
Italy- Grey wolf - The real Judas, ready to ally with China

Quite a hilarious summary of the other countries opinions about China

Sasa africa itakua mnyama gani kama canada ni panya buku jameni?