Last drop menace

Coz I posses a long thick whooper,anytime i wear a bright colored trouser and visit the gents,shake after use,some drops fall near the zipper as I shake and there is that one which remain and penetrate the boxer to trouser after the anaconda has been put back to rest.
So i had resulted to wiping the mono-eye with tissue but today i forgot and couldn’t walk across the office till those spot dried up.
Saidieni jameni,should I not wear bright colored trousers anymore.
@Swansea help,do i need my prepuce back?


Ipiis like @Motokubwa should not comment

Vaa pampers

Problems for men with tiny tiny members

Unclog mahvi ya @kanguthu and you will be okey . Next stupid post …

did you read to understand ama

We understand u have a homosexual mishap ,monkey pox imewanasa?

Mbwa shoga takataka

@johntez addi gaza msafi face me like a man wacha ku like meffi comments

A long clit does not count as a dick

Meffi you are not a man.

Ju unapanguza na tissue pia vaa always.

Vaa condom permanently.

@Thirimaii we itina na nyee ya mundu…wtf is this you are posting…nyee eno

tengeneza plug ya copper, meffi wewe

Believe me nitapata suluhisho papa hapa

:D:D:Denyewe watu ni know it all’s uku