Larry Madowo accent in Yunare Stes


low self esteem…very sad. you dont see this kind of nonsense with other races

he sounds like a cunt

:meffi::meffi: in my eyes

Wacha atweng’ kama Englishman tumwogope

He sounds gay

Ametoa hiyo joooggingg :D:D:D

Alafu anajiingiza kwa race issues za Black Americans. Atajua hajui :smiley:

That’s how an American expects his language to be spoken. Ever heard a kyuk laughing at a jaruo try a say aterere? Meffi double standards.

Aje patco,how is the massa today

I’d like to believe he was trolling us but the subject matter is too serious for that. Anyway wacha Larry ajibambe na ‘jagging’ in the Yunared Stes, the boy earned it. Nakumbuka zile ziku alianza KTN with his oversized jacket and croaky voice, to taking over the Trend on NTV, now he’s Africa’s business editor at the BBC. All that without nepotism or horizontal qualifications.



Are all meffi in my eyez

How did he succeed instead of Mark Massai?

Honestly I don’t know. Maybe he worked harder or was better at marketing himself. Maybe Mark Massai is comfortable where he’s at and Larry always wanted to expand.

IMO… Larry had this acquired accent even at NTV, he’s only added a little.

Man has the skills of Journalism, maybe the American Accent is what he needs to get to the heights he desire. Kila mtu na raha zake, look at @Keffjoinange, with less than 20yrs in USA he sounds more American than an American

The guy is social media-savvy and a go-getter. When he was at NTV I think it was the most popular news channel across social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. He must have used the opportunity to do serious networking.

larry is more outgoing and showy…that can work for you in the media

If you are to swim with sharks you better learn to swim like one, he is try hard to intergrate himself into the culture and even will to use that racial card to propel himself forward. I wish him all the best

Watu wanamtetea,kwani wanatombanaga?:D:D:D:D
Watu wameishi ng’ambo miaka na accent ni ure ure,hii ya madowo ni ya kujiwekelea

very annoying , i have friends who will change the accent whenever a whiteman is near…
and not only that, grinning as if the whiteman is a God… never minding that even the white guy he is talking to is Dutch , hata yeye kizungu ni 2nd language, he speaks it with a heavy accent from his country…

WaKenya tujipende haki…