Larry King, The Alpha MGTOW

1952: He married Freda Miller That union ended the following year
1961: He married Annette Kaye

1961, He married Alene Akins, the couple divorced the following year.

1963: he married Mary Francis “Mickey” Sutphin, The couple divorced in 1972.

1976: King married Sharon Lepore. The couple divorced in 1983.

1989: He married Julie Alexander and divorced in 1992.

1995: He married Deanna Lund

1997, he married Shawn Southwick and he filed for divorce in 2010

From his 8 wives, King had five children

Hio time divorce industry bado ilikua na jokes. Jaribu huo upus sahii ukufe maskini.

The White culture always have a disdain attitude towards Polygamy but the same crackers will argue in favour of divorce.

8 women na 5 kids aliibiwa angecheza minimum 20 kids

Yeye atakuwa na hekaya ya vile ‘all pu**y are not the same’