Someone has asked me to get him a good laptop with a budget of 70k. Which laptop can I get for that price?
Specs must be:
15.6" screen size
Core i5/i7 (if budget allows)
11th Gen and above
2.4GHz processor speed
Brands to choose from: Dell, HP, Lenovo.
I am an honest person so refurbished laptops are out of the question. Which specific laptop can you recommend for the above budget?

FYI, whats the difference between SSD and the normal HDD? Which is better and why?

Kama haujui difference ya SSD na HDD rudisha pesa


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unaulizia laptop na hujui ssd ni nini??


Mimi sitakuuliza swali la kijinga ju we ni high IQ enthusiast as well…

However, go for an SSD for matters with speed and graphics rendering. On average, an SSD machine can run from 5 to 20 times faster than HDD counterpart, depending in what the SSD is reading or writing.Hapa unasmile tu when it comes to windows boot up time, applications launch time.

ssd vs hdd

Otherwise, pitia hii thread!

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