Laptop screen shutdown

Hey kindly assist villagers, was working on my laptop then the screen went off…sasa ina boot (all the lights are on but screen off) sasa nisaidieni

If symptoms persists peleka kwa mganga but for now keti pale-------------------------------------------------------------->

1.Toa RAM na urudishe then see if it works.
2.Replace screen
if this doesnt work na laptop ni ya AMD processor then hapo kuna kibarua ya fundi

~~screen went off juu ili cum


Just try out on a few diagnosis. Remove the battery, press and hold the power button for 10seconds, rudisha battery, check on the progress, ok? No? Now go to @faka d option ya RAM (don’t forget to still remove the battery before)
OK? No?
Tembelea kituo upate matibabu zaidi

Here are a solutions.

  1. (Screen and connecting cables problem) Washa torch ya simu. Inspect the screen inch by inch to see whether there is any sign of crack(dark blue spots). Do this when computer is shut down. If none, start the comp let it boot while you look at the screen. A normal LCD screen will become dark as the comp starts. When it starts, inspect the screen with a torch to see whether you can make out images and text. If you can, the screen has a temporary software(settings) problem, or the wires that supply backlight(not data cable) power to the screen are damaged at the laptop flap joint or plug. You can then use the torch to navigate to, check and rule out settings then restart. If the screen is simply a uniform blank, it means screen power may be on but the data isnt getting home (you have to check that cable at the flap joint). If the screen does not respond at all and shows no sign of damage(unlikely if computer working), the check the computer as follows.

2.(Computer problem) Connect the laptop to a monitor using the old analogue VGA cable. Some old sony TVs have the VGA. If the laptop has HDMI port in place of VGA port, you can use the HDMI cable to connect it to any modern TV. Make sure you select input on the TV as the HDMI port. Start the laptop, and with the flap open, then close it to check whether at any one time the computer switches to the monitor/TV. If the laptop displays on the monitor or TV, the computer is okay for most of the parts except for the cable that runs through the rotating joint into the flap and into the screen. If the laptop cant display on the monitor you have a problem with you machine.

You can start with No. 2 to directly diagnose a computer problem. Beyond there, you can try other things now if you know what you are doing

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Vile @123tokambio amesema hapo juu. But before utembelee kituo, fuata No.2 ya @Rene Descartes

simple turn reduce brightness toa battery press the power button for one minute without releasing then try booting without battery * adjust screen brightnees"“” had the same shida