Laptop hard drive

There is a click sound coming from my laptop hard I’ve and the start up is super low. This device is 9 years old. Nianze plan ya kununua nyingine or there is an easy fix. This issue started jana

Jipange mos mos juu kama imekaa 9 years hio imeserve purpose yake nunua ingine


Start transferring everything from that drive


Get another laptop early. Hio siku zake za mwisho zimefika.

Install crystal disk info upate a report of the drive’s health. Though clicking indicates a mechanical issue na miaka tisa hiyo hdd imechoka. You can get better boot times and responsiveness with an ssd without necessarily having to replace the entire pc. Just clone the hard drive to transfer over all of the data

Wacha nifanye hivyo. Asanteni everyone

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Easy fix?? Replace the hard drive?