Laptop fundi conman

alirudisha pesa .I told him to change the screen he did not but insead cleaned it .I protested he insisted I pay 1500. After that the problem persisted I had a conversation with him akarudisha pesa

I love how superstitious Africans can be, i use it to my benefit all the time


My Instincts were right about wewe… You are a Peasant… A very rude one indeed… Next time jaribu kuitisha pesha na decorum.

Ungemwambia atakuwa mtu madeni.

His last statement though " Heal bro, Am the best in town, you shall find out". He sounds like a cultist, watch your movements and those of your loved ones.

The guy seems very courteous.


Mwenye laptop na fundi wa laptop wooote wananyesha

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