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[SIZE=6]Marsabit cashes in on Kenya-Ethiopia Lapsset road as traders flock to region[/SIZE][PRINT](‘’)RATING
The 526-km Isiolo-Marsabit-Moyale road, which is still under construction, has reduced insecurity, boosted trade and increased investment in northern Kenya. Photo/PHOEBE OKALL

By VIVIAN JEBET @vivianbevah

Posted Thursday, August 4 2016 at 20:56

The construction of Merille-Marsabit-Moyale highway that nears completion has increased trade between Kenya and Ethiopia.
The road which is part of the Lamu-Port-South Sudan Ethiopia Transport (Lapsset) corridor project is unfinished at two points- at the entrances of Marsabit and Moyale towns.

Marsabit Governor Ukur Yatani said the it had greatly boosted the regional economy following massive investments from several investors.

Traders have begun to invest in expectation of potential opportunities that come with the infrastructure and several other projects set to be rolled out in the region.

The 600 km Kenya-Ethiopia international border stretch has also provided an avenue for Marsabit County to engage in tourism and trade.

“One of the greatest potential of the county is the border shared by the two counties. At the moment since we do not have a control point except in Moyale town, a lot of goods are entering Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Kenya from different points,” said the governor.

He added that a number of East African (EA) commodity products including soaps, textile and plastics are transported to the Ethiopian market.
Although southern Ethiopia has not industrialised as much as the EA region, some of its products freely flow into the Kenyan market.

Northern Kenya needs a security boost, to speed up development.
I wouldn’t mind relocating from this confusion that is nairobi.

No water.

Marsabit is not very dry but …

Security , development , water will come.

Maybe we will call the Chinese to build us a water pipeline from the rivers of Kerio or Ewaso/ or north flowing Mt Kenya rivers.

In all honesty I’d rather the Chinese do the infrastructure for us. Of course there are some consequences involved but then our local contractors will squeeze us dry and leave us with nothing to show for.

Marsabit is the place to be.

All we need is for a cap on our greed and corruption. A situation where it is known you can inflate prices but you have to deliver a good job. We can’t compromise on price and results.
The Co-Presidents UhuRuto should concentrate on this.
In the long run relying on the Chinese for projects big and small hurts us. If we control corruption our Kenyan firms will be good enough to take infrastructure projects all over East and Central Africa.

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Breathtaking Landscape view of Isiolo-Marsabit Highway past Lo-lkuposorogi.

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