Lapi mzito

Hey Guys,
I have 150k to spend on a laptop, which model and type would you recommend
Seen some asus ,HP and dell latitude machines all of them i7… any suggestions?

Whatchu wanna do with the laptop? Are you after raw performance or extra long batt life?

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a blend of both, long batt life and power

Saidia peasant na 100k thn buy lapi ya 50k


Mac air

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Import io maneno



Mac ni bure tu kama iPhone, kama unataka lapi ya gaming ama heavy duty graphics works asus hiko sawa

Mac iko sure , hakuna ku hang, nawork na like 10 apps zote heavy duty na iko chonjo.
Zbrush, 3dmax , maya , photoshop, illustrator, indesign, office , flash , itunes na font navigator.
Jaribu asus uone ikizima

nunua toshiba bwana

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tafuta something made in europe. hard to get but you just might.

Wewe una mchezo sana

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@Hunter Xp Listen carefully. Buy a macbook and that is the best investment you will have made on a tech gadget in a long while. There is a very good reason I guarantee you hujawahi ona a macbook at the usual computer repair shops unless it’s like a 2010 model.

You can always install Windows alongside OS X and shift between them as you please if you like using Windows.

In fact, the macbook has been rated as the best PC to run windows quite a number of times by a few providers. See, or

I personally use a MacBook and all these stories of graphics etc etc ni upuss. You will be very okay.
I am a very big gamer and my former job involved a lot of work on photoshop and illustrator but machine hata haipumui.
The all round build in aluminium makes this a very light machine that you will very much enjoy carrying around and you will very rarely feel your machine get hot.

I can literally count the number of times my machine has ever hang for the last one year na sichochi. Although I have heavy specs i.e. 16gb ram and 512gb SSD compared to a friend of mine running a Dell XPS which is also a very high end laptop on the same price range.

Other advantages can be found here: .

I will also guarantee you that you will never walk into anyone that has ever bought a macbook even on a tight budget and they got disappointed or had regrets after in preference for another machine but the vice versa :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

There is a very good reason when you go to all large tech companies i.e. Google, Facebook etc they will buy you a macbook and not a toshiba.

You can google around and you will find lots of more links.

Macs are also actively used at Microsoft offices, in the engineering department and not the sales team of course :D:D

Consider the resell factor too. You will always get someone to buy your 3yr old macbook at 100k but trust me, hakuna mtu hutawahi uzia Dell second hand hata 70k despite you buying it at 160k hata ukiwa sales man by profession :D:D:D:D

Battery- I have 2 macbook pros. One I bought 2.5yrs ago and another one I got at my company. I still get 7hrs of juice on my old laptop.
Other great reads

There are 2 official resellers of Apple items in Kenya at the moment I believe. Elite Digital at Sarit Ground Floor and Mac & More at WestLands, Bandari plaza. There is also a computer shop next to the Old Mutual Office at Kimathi Street. They price their MacBooks really well too. You want to visit the later since they are way cheaper.

I don’t know what you do but it’s very easy to know you are in a non-tech profession otherwise you would be asking very specific questions e,g, Dell xyz vs Toshiba zys.

When making your decision make sure you read this:

Now one thing to note:

  1. DO NOT buy a laptop without an SSD. It’s very easy to know this. SSD laptop are extremely silent on usage, do not heat up, 8 times longer lifespan than a hard disk, 5times faster, very lightweight and small hence the laptop will be really thin.

  2. Read 1

Get a MacBook Pro, at 150k. If the budget is not enough, get an air since they are a bit cheaper. You are better off getting a 128gb or 216GB SSD macbook than getting the same with 1TB internal HDD. Usikubali kuambiwa stories za hard disk in this day and age. You can always buy an external 1tb drive at 8k extra to keep your movies etc.

Let’s call a spade a spade, comparing a macbook to a toshiba/dell/hp is like comparing a Mercedes to a Subaru/Mitsubishi. Not possible yawa:D:D:D:D But they are great laptops/cars nonetheless


Apple ni hype tu. The are not for work but for fashion. So know what you want.
Apple shit has issues with compatibility and repairs are expensive and sometimes impossible due to the high scale of integration. Those very slim laptops are usually not repairable because everything is conjoined. The little bit larger laptops constructed using many independent modules are more expensive to manufacture and may be a bit heavier but they are the best for long life. Nunua laptop inakuserve vizuri. Dont buy consumer goods for resale. If you want to do that, get into the business.


Hehehe…I have personally never seen someone with less than a 3yr old MacBook take it for repairs. Try the same with another build. Anyone that has a macbook here can tell you how many times they’ve serviced it. I have never serviced mine and I am a very heavy user.

I do agree repairs are expensive though but you will probably never need to repair a macbook that is less than 4yrs old

The resell factor I included for the tech fanatics that like to buy the latest builds every 2yrs or so. I do that with my phones all the time

You circle of friends is a very small sample. Reputable Macs are from eight years ago. Other people’s opinion down there.

The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable…
The Retina MacBook is the least repairable laptop we’ve ever taken apart: Unlike the previous model, the display is fused to the glass, which means replacing the LCD requires buying an expensive display assembly. The RAM is now soldered to the logic board — making future memory upgrades impossible. And the battery is glued to the case, requiring customers to mail their laptop to Apple every so often for a$200 replacement. The design may well be comprised of “highly recyclable aluminum and glass” — but my friends in the electronics recycling industry tell me they have no way of recycling aluminum that has glass glued to it like Apple did with both this machine and the recent iPad.”

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I am not using my circle of friends here. Mostly metrics from lots of user groups I am on and data from company statistics on people that expense for laptop repairs.
Do you personally know of anyone that used a macbook and got frustrated with it? If I had 60k I would go for Dell/HP but if you are willing to fork out 150k buy something premium and you will be happy for a very very long time.

Btw the hype is worth it. You can even ask one of those technicians in town if they had 160k what would they buy…they will tell you

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Made in Europe? Hamna kitu kama hiyo!

The only laptops I consider quality are either a MacBook or a think pad

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