Lapel pins with your favorite images/characters/footbal teams

Have you ever tried to create your own lapel pin?
Just curious
Let’s talk about your experience about making of lapel pins



Hi guys! Yes, I have tried to do my own pin but it was at the begining a little ridiculous and I was embarrassed to put it on my backpack or on a school bomber. Sooo… I thought, why not to design one at a pinmakers company where people really know how to do it, cause it’s their work. And I found an online shop , where I made my custom pin (based on the series Rick and Morty) and it looks amaizing!!!

mutu ametengeneza accounts mbili akakuja akafanya advertising saa hizi anajua watu 40,213 wameona hii ad.

jamaa ameshaa nunua higher tier ya anticipating massive traffic

Hii ni UMMEFFI gani?

picture or it never happened.