Guys best app ya kuget lanye za campo zikam


help a ninja

Dude you asked a question, you weree given an answer. if you don’t even know what “OkCupid” is then just google it uiinge hiyo app.
Do you expect to be spoonfed everything? are you going to ask someone to create an account for you? and then ask someone to post a profile and send messages, and setup a date with a campo lanye?? and then will you ask someone else to fwaak that lanye for you??? Get some initiative, ata kuliza swali ya kwana shows laziness and ignorance.

Si u just visit campos from 3 pm with your moti.

Utakulana hadi ukufe na ukimwi in only a year.

all dating apps have lanyes just ask

Don’t expect answers… Hii site imejaa whore gate-keepers ni kama wakikupa contacts za lanye watakufa… Enda Tagged, weka lokeshen Kasarani ama Embakasi, utapata all the desperate campus girls you want

All youngish lanyes are campus student… Mmmhhh!

Ingia tagged and filter by age. The younger ones wako college. Kuku, chippo na pizza is all you need to feed them. Then kuma unakula hadi chee

…na sikuhizi wanataka pesa nyingi, masponsers wametuharibia market

Okcupid and tinder, tayarisha wallet vizuri lakini