Lanyes or kungurus?

[ATTACH=full]400684[/ATTACH]waaah hawa ni lanye ama kungurus

Someone Looking to make a viral photo with hekaya ya abunuwas

[ATTACH=full]400692[/ATTACH]the original version

Some guys have a similar timetable on their phones, but with adjustments; eg iko na weekends only, rarely week days, haina days but dates. The names are coded.

Sato’s u have three coming in,2during the day,one for sleep ova. Sunday the same. Your stats are still on the same level…

Egerton wanafunzi hawasomi…kwanza hio barret ni kunguru haven

Gym ni siku gani na saa ngapi?.

9 women in a week?? Total bullshiett. I’m not saying a guy can’t get 9 women. But I know for a fact that diminishing returns kick in after the third girl.

Any player will tell you that after the third girl it becomes counterproductive and you are better off replacing than adding more girls to your hitlist.

Hio ni ukweli… You don’t even need those three women… Kaa tuu na mwanamke for 3 straight days kwa nyumba and see how tired and bored you’ll be.

Especially the type that loves getting shagged every minute. By day three you will be looking for an opportunity to run away.