Lanyes Deserve Less!

Usiwai Lipa lanye more than 500 unless she’s fine like Nana Weber angusha thao maximum. That’s for a whole night. This is why lanyes deserve less.

  1. Mileage. Amemangwa na kila msee.
  2. We are not here to promote kahaba ni kutoa kiu tu.
  3. She’s a worthless piece of sh*t.
  4. Most of them are pathetic single mathas. Unalea mbegu za ndume nyingine. Lipa yeye 300 that’s enough.
  5. Sio vajo. I repeat. Huyo ni lanye sio vajo!
  6. Sio mtoto wako wala bibi yako.
  7. Amefanya kazi gani, really?
  8. Umempea doshi. She should pay you instead.
  9. You are using a CD, so technically you’re not even f*cking her. Ni kama tu anakusaidia kunyonga.
  10. They are dirty as hell. Wengi wao ni kama chokoraa.

This is how you negotiate. Of course you can’t hit her with the truth ndio asijitie kitanzi kama willy willy so here’s how you approach it.

You’re a rational male so focus, it’s a simple business transaction. You cannot afford to show any desperation. Else utalipishwa 3k kama mafala wengine hapa. Utajipata unalea single matha

Tips on getting the best bargain.

  1. Enda place iko na lanyes wengi. Competition is key. Utakula ata shot na mia. Same lanye will charge you 2500 pale Nairobi Hot, idiots website.

  2. Talk to as many women as you can. This will help you understand female nature. They are the most irrational creatures ever. Use it to your advantage.

  3. Always focus on spending less. Don’t seduce her na pesa openly. Si ati ujifanye broke but kuwa mjanja. Know it’s a game that’s being played. Human beings are exploitative, that’s our nature. Especially women. Tell her you’re ready to spend Ksh. 300 na wewe hulipa hivyo. Then you can negotiate from there.

  4. Chunga Mali yako. Don’t mix alcohol na malaya. You will lose everything. Whenever you go hunting only carry enough arrows for the hunt. Una deal na creature inauza mwili yake don’t think for a second that she will hesitate stealing from you.

  5. Keep it simple, akianza kuwa rude drop her ass and find a hotter one. There’s always better cootchie around the corner. That should be your mindset.

Don’t ever pay lanyes more than 500. Sio shamba unanunua, silly kihii!

Generally, that gender ya kuuza mwili deserves way less than you can ever imagine.

Come back after you have fathered a daughter and tell us whether you will still be holding the same opinion.

For now continue with your thesis ya umalaya.

My daughter akiamua kuwa lanye then she deserves less.

These are our daughters, mothers sisters. They are trying to make a living, sometimes to feed, clothe , house and educate someone. If things were different i doubt They would go around opening their legs to strangers for peanuts.

Hence they deserve less.

What do u mean? some of those creatures u need to be high as a giraffe’s pussy to be able to deal with them.

Tipsy kiasi is okay as long as unajielewa. Point is be aware of your surroundings. Kama unaweza chapa mzinga na bado ukae rada then uko sawa.

uko time nlikua broke, so nkaconvince manzi wa punchline ntamlipia rent wake midmonth, akanijibu pia yeye atanipea slices midmonth.


More and more faggots in the village. Downtalking an essential service…tsk,tsk,tsk

Sijui wewe hutowa lanye wako wapi but let’s just agree we hutomba machokora n homeless bitches.

I don’t know why you’d put this here considering you’re talking about lanyes

Yote tisa kumi seems like you’re a bitter man for some reason, sijui lanye gani betrayed you but seems since then ukona issue na lanyes.
Personally I don’t fuck prostitutes but I have nothing against them na I’ve seems some clean good looking hoes out there

Looks like @hoe_is_life aliambukizwa HIV na lanye

Some r very clean n decent, it depends Na Ile shimo umemkuta.

:D:D:Dyou should write a blog about hoes in Kenya… fuck it, I might do it… profitable niche it might be

You are an asshole @hoe_is_life the other day you came out here praising prostitutes sasa baada ya kuibiwa, kuambukizwa ukimwi unatuletea huu ujinga

You are suffering from lack of experience. Clearly

Ukimwi haiwezi nishtua mimi. Again, these lanyes deserve less.

Might try

Essential service should be available for anyone.

Lanye wasafi ni 2% only. I live in Lavington Green and I have 20yrs of experience na lanye so