Lanye wa 150

Yule lanye wa cotdivore wa 150 ameonekana[ATTACH=full]370303[/ATTACH]

For some reason this reminds me of @Mzee mzima . This lad used to steal 150 bob from his mum’s purse and head off to his local cyber café in Umoja to play Fifa. The Bukusu cyber attendant Captain Alex Lichoti would hoist this chubby brown Meru baby onto his lap. He would start tickling the boy and the boy would laugh very hard. Kidogo kidogo ghalfa bin vu, there would be a dick in the boy’s anus. What surprised me most about the story is that the very next day @Mzee mzima would still go back to the very same cyber café…

So anyway that is the story of the young lad @Mzee mzima , who got fucked in the buttocks for 150 Kenyan shillings.

@cortedivoire kujia Mali yako ,goods friendly to your leaking pockets

Siwezi mind kulipa

huyo ni third gender with third leg

Huyu Lanye akikuja hapa kenya, ghaseer zitamwaga pesa mbaya. $150 kuendelea…
Siwezi mind kuleta hii sampuli (STOCK) nairobi and make good cash :D:D:D