Lanye unveiled

…we discredit or despise the female lanye…however their male clients are basically male prostitutes…so no difference ukinyandua lanye…pia wewe ni lanye tu…

Aaah epiphany…right after a puff and jaba.

Ama ni PNC?,ju huku jo

Sellers and buyers dont work on the same wavelength. Malaya anauza customer ananunua.

Ulinyimwa na malaya ama?

Du, amenoki malaya akaamua kusanitize yeye…anyway.


I agree with what @Azor Ahai wrote in another thread na vile @tall mnyama everywhere amesema about wavelength.
Lanyeism is a risky biz, kuanikwa is part of the risk although I don’t advocate for that

Why have you used the work client??

That is what they are. Business partners in the oldest trade.

no virile man ever gets offended being branded a heterosexual malaya infact its an accolade.

You are a wise person bro