Lanye Si Wameiva aki

Those who don’t dishi lanyes matako kama hizi utazionea wapi? Fika bei.



hii ni kama ya kupima depth

I think so too

Chinese youth are busy reserching the next super sonic train and then… You have bonobo African youth

Mizigo aiseeeeee…mambo bambam

What a bam bam

Why are you so interested in public cum repositories? Malaya ni kama choo ya kanjo. You can only use it during emergencies when you have no other choice. Most importantly, you should always have multiple choices. The same way you can’t compare a toilet in your house to that public toilet pale archives etc. Same logic. You should avoid prostitutes for the same reason you avoid public toilets - both are biological harzards.

Y should we struggle to discover things while we can discover different styles of pleasures as the chinese stupid youth discover new discoveries and sell cheaply to us after we cum on them poosies?I think its win win win for us bonobos

I don’t agree with you lakini hiyo point is very well articulated.

My point of contention is that lanye wameiva for those of us who are unable to dinya flat-screens.

Like the song says …
…“Bibi Ya Wenyewe is a No Go Zone …”


this one in black jacket is the specimen of a milfs i chase…

Haga safi iende chain

Huyo Rispah Faith ukiongea vizuri anapeana slices…

Who is the one in the 5th pic… in the black and green stripes booty short… What’s her IG? Curious about that one

A true bonobo mentality

Win-win aje na waafrika ni maskini kupindukia. By selling to you their discoveries do you know they’re creating jobs for themselves yet huku ni watu wanacomplain hakuna kazi; kila mtu anataka kazi ya kubeba mizigo au kuosha floor ya company au finance or human resource when the companies themselves are not there

… that one with an extra bulging forehead and nose…?

she’s fugly if anything…