Lanye katendwa

There was drama when a lanye was fu.cked but was not paid by her client who even tore her panty.She made a scene shouting obscenities.She finally decided to sit on the clients car.The client was about to drive away but went into hiding as the lanye was on the cars bonnet.

Lanye = @patco
Client= @jokes on you

kuna mtu angeenda na yeye mpaka nyumbani hivyo

leta findeo


Chokora u comment on every post ,yaani you are here 24/7, unamanganga lanye za 150 ukibrowse ktalk ,admin must be proud of you chokosh


That’s the kind of shíet that would leave the girl with a few broken limbs

kwani alikuwa anatafuna hio suruali?

Tema hiyo kitu.

Bila video ni upuss