Lanye Empire

where can i get a cheap sweet lanye in rive road and for how much plus the rooms…

Cheap and sweet in one sentence??


yes…cheap and edible

Down by the river side…

how much for pussy and room?

take your time and go through the threads…wale wote wangehelp wako uko as we chat na wengine ju ya matako…

uko river road @ this time na ni mwisho. Either u are foolish or u have nerves of steel

Umeona nani anakaa lanye hapa

au pimp?

Hawa je?
@Pimp master general ama @pimpin5000hoes


Luthuli instead? Get to Luthuli n walk like ur going towards river road. On the right side of the road. Towards the end like the last 5 shops utapata stairs (white small sign written NBI-KITALE-ELD or something like that) but its near a shop selling loudspeakers/TVs/Keyboards.

Rooms 200
Kikamuluzi 300 kuenda juu
Upgrade your bouquets - 600 ngono plus Bj

rico pub je?

rico room 200 nyap 300

Enda modern green hapo odeon, thank me later

I know a few places where they’ll even throw in the AIDS for free

Elders hapana tambua troll.

naona watu humu pia huonja nyap za makuro…

This guy is just lazy.