Lanye Addiction

Lanye addiction is a mental health condition that needs psychiatric intervention.
Since i tasted my first lanye in December 2017, i have never looked back.Anytime i am stressed, I run to lanyes. However, of the 30 lanyes I have kamuad, only 5 met my expectations. I want to quit but najipata nikirelapse. Fucking lanye is not fullfilling.
Or is it an issue of sexual dissatisfaction and thrill?

all in your mind…get something fun to be doing,read a book,travel watch or play sports,move out of whore loaded places,go to church then do your calculations on the much you waste on a pee hole…get you life in order son!!! Is it really worth it,the pnc??? risk of diseases,loss of self esteem??

You need a Saviour…lanyes addiction goes beyond the physical realm…it is a spiritual problem…that only Our LORD GOD can deal with, with your cooperation

The Skoptsy[1] (Russian: скопцы, IPA: [skɐpˈtsɨ]; sg. скопецeunuch”) were a sect within the larger Spiritual Christianity movement in the Russian Empire, best known for practicing castration of men and the mastectomy of women in accordance with their teachings against sexual lust.[2] The term is a descriptive one used by the official Russian Orthodox Church.

The movement emerged in the late 18th century. It reached the peak of its popularity in the early 20th century, with as many as 100,000 members, in spite of persecution by the imperial government. Despite severe repression under the Soviet Union, small groups persevered into the 21st century.

Skoptsy is a plural of skopets, at the time the Russian term for “castrate” (in contemporary Russian, the term has become restricted to referring to the sect, in its generic meaning replaced by the loanwords yévnukh е́внух, i.e. eunuch, and kastrat кастрат).

The Skoptsy referred to themselves as the “White Doves” (белые голуби). Their aim was to perfect the individual by eradicating original sin, which they believed had come into the world by the first coitus between Adam and Eve. They believed that human genitals were the true mark of Cain, and that the true message of Jesus Christ included the practice of castration, that Jesus himself had been a castrate, and that his example had been followed by the apostles and the early Christian saints.[3]

They believed that human genitals were a mark of original sin, and that after the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had the halves of the forbidden fruit grafted onto their bodies, forming testicles and breasts. Thus, the removal of these sexual organs restored the Skoptsy to the pristine state before the original sin. The Skoptsy maintained that they were fulfilling Christ’s counsel of perfection in Matthew 19:12[4] and 18:8–9.[5]

There were two kinds of castration: the “lesser seal” and the “greater seal”. For men, the “lesser seal” meant the removal of the testicles only, while the “greater seal” involved either removal of the penis or emasculation (removal of both penis and testicles). Men who underwent the “greater seal” used a cow-horn when urinating. The castrations and emasculations were originally performed with a red-hot iron, called the ‘fiery baptism’. However, the skoptsy later transitioned to using knives or razors, with the iron serving only to stop the bloodflow. They also twisted the scrotum, destroying the seminal vesiclesand stopping the flow of semen.

In women, the Skoptsy removed the nipples or the whole breasts. Occasionally, they simply scarred the breasts. They also often removed the labia minora and clitoris. They did not use anesthetics.[2]

The operations were generally performed by elders. During the operation, they said the phrase “Christ is risen!”[2]

Cut off your dick and your problem will be solved.

90% of sex happens in the mind…so pia akate kichwa

Lanye addition ni kama alcoholism, ukiamua kuacha utawacha. Now one year strong .

No testicles ndio zinafaa kunyofolewa, hizo ndizo huproduce testosterone. Like how veterinarian hukata testicles za paka. After hio operation paka haikuwangi na interest kuenda outside, kumark territory, fight for females at night kama normal cats. Anyway @Gabsty punguza Wangapi , tumesalimiana na kuosha mesho threads.

only 30 lanyes in 5 years and you call yourself addicted?

[ATTACH=full]441316[/ATTACH]this will help

Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to deliver to you from the chains of whore mongery.

Lazima OP ni repeat customer wa hao wote

You mean he had 30 wives :D:D:D

uliacha umama

Aki for me it’s different…nkianza nlikuwa na iyo thrill aki but after some time nliboeka…sina interest yoyote na lanyes…

Between Owour and Ng’ang’a chose one utasaidika (don’t see yule female rev. with heavy makeup utajipata umekamua tu)

Only 30 lanyes in 5 years? Young man, you are pristine and chaste. You just need behavioral therapy.

Umbwa wewe.

Last tasted a lanye in November 2020 and would still taste were it not for my busy schedule. In fact might taste in June since shughuli zitakuwa zimepunguka kidogo.

@Gabsty usijipe pressure…just CONDOMIZE at all times usipatwe na AIDS/STI
why do you want to quit?
I guess you don’t have a girlfriend. Focus on getting one but in the meantime, visit a lanye for clarify of the mind