Lang’ata man in court over rape of cleaning lady in his house

A man who allegedly raped a desperate casual labourer at knifepoint after luring her into his house in Langata, Nairobi, was arraigned before Kibera law courts.

Samuel Ndiukani was charged with violently raping the victim inside his house at Hill Park apartments on November 10 while threatening her with a knife.
Ndiukani had called the victim to clean his house at a fee.

On arrival, they agreed on a fee and he made a down payment via M-Pesa.
He then started showing the woman around the house but while inside one of the bedrooms, Ndiukani is said to have brandished a knife and threatened to stab her and ordered her to switch off her phone and undress.
Flee to a police station
Ndiukani allegedly locked her inside the house and the ordeal.
She later made calls to family and found a key inside the house which she used to open and flee to a police station where she reported the ordeal.
Ndiukani was arrested after investigations. He denied the charges before senior principal magistrate Esther Boke of Kibera law courts who released him on a surety bond of Sh200,000 with alternative cash bail of Sh70,000.
The case will be mentioned on November 26.

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He did not think through the evil plan. Why not ask for it?

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Rape is more about the “power” or “sense of control” than it is about sex. That should tell you enough about why he didn’t just find someone to pay for consensual sex despite clearly being able to afford it.

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