landlords jipangeni

Kuchukua tax ya landlord ni very easy, if only GOK hawataiba yote…

Just divide and conquer…KRA should give tenants a x% refund on their taxes based on the rent they pay (they have to submit their receipts and rent information to KRA to receive the refund). KRA should then collect y% rental income tax from the landlord based on the information the tenant gave them for their refund. Where y>x then KRA is in business, collecting (y-x) rental income. They just have to tweak x and y in order to maximize rental income revenue and just like dat kitu trillion+ itaingia coffers.

KRA should send consultation fee kwa inbox…ahem

this may work.
currently vile wameweka kwa itax filing system itabidi wajidombe

Landlord ID NUMBER.


I have an issue with paying taxes… I think I pay too much

Walisema hakuna refunds. Ati instead it will be offset from sijui what.

The KPLC info is no good. Remember the pre-paid meters scandal? Where pre-paid meters were being activated and not being used? KRA couldn’t rely on that data. So it’s back to the drawing board for them.

You also have pre-paid meters meant for use in a region, being used in another - ile drama iko KPLC!