Landlords from You know where....

Why do you do this to your tenants?

Why don’t you just use other materials, colours and designs and not these chinku tiles banaye to cover the whole interior @Randy

Why that small kawindow between kitchen and dining like in a butchery.

Why are the rooms either too big or too small

Uhuru hii ndio affordable housing watu wenu wanaleta?




This is shit. But honestly who is to blame here. The landlord or the architect

Architect bure kabisa. Wth did he design? Even the finishing is interesting.
Hanging globe. Who still does this?

Mismatched tiling.


Where do guys get all these tiles from, za kuweka mpaka kwa ceiling?!

Ni kukosa budget ya kununua tiles mpya za kufanana…so inabidi una mix mix zenye zilibakia

@Motokubwa kuna watu apa wanakukosoa :smiley:

My head is spinning already just from viewing the pics.

I don’t allow such nonsense in my projects… if its a labour only contract I go with the client to shop and guide them accordingly. Chinku have a variety its boils down to preferences.


To many people this is a freaking penthouse apartment. If you grew up in a mabati shack listening to your parents make a new sibling on the other side of the curtain si utaona kama you have made it when you get such a place? Si kwa ubaya but these homes attract a certain class of people who are quite happy with the design and finishing.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D those parents scarred a generation. By the way some kids commited incest innocently trying to copy what their parents were doing.

I’ve reached a point where I grow tired of these designs though. I guess selling units which are so similar has taken a toll on me.
Why can’t developers and architects adopt new brazen contemporary designs ?
I miss the wow factor.

When I was working in an architectural firm a client would initially give you the free will for you to explore your creativity… once the concept drawings are done and presented to the client they start to shift the goal post… By the time the project goes to site the design is very basic. The best ideas are in architects offices gathering dust.
It’s only in construction where everyone is a professional including the client. Some will take the drawings from the architect and they completely forget the architect should oversee the project to the end.

Tiles galore
Hizi inakaa hao landlord huenda kubuy wanapata offer ya “buy two brown tiles and get a blue one free”
Ama contractor ana-hold hii conversation na landlord:
Contractor: So boss, how many tiles should we use per unit?

Hizi ndio open plan kitchen

:D:D:D this sh*t is funny, guy you killed it.

Gothic Gikuyu Architecture

Kuna watu hawaelewi demographics za Kenya. Most Nairobians are moving in here from mud huts in ushago

Ukweli. I remember last year having a conversation with a customer who was furious that some guy was showing him madharau. While narrating how pissed he was, he said about three times “mimi ni mtu najilipia one bedroom ya 10k kila mwezi bila shida, mbona ananionyesha madharau?” It seemed a really big deal to him that he could afford to rent a 1 bedroom house. Nilibaki nikishuku alilelewa in a basic mabati, mud, or wooden structure while growing up.

:D:D:D:D:D @Azor Ahai


atrocious…feeling dizzy just watching those tiles