Landlord na Safcom Fiber

Hey guys. Can a landlord prevent Safaricom from installing their internet box kwa ploti yake because it’s new?

Shenzi sana. Which landlord … Infact he/she should invite safcom to to provide net. Or just vacate hii Nairobi ni kubwa

what is new ? and how does it relate to sufferingcom internet

Why would he? Si hii ni kuturn away potential tenants

Anadai za macho

That’s a landlord stuck in the 17th century.

Huyo ni mjinga, but soon atamea akili. Hata huyu wa kwetu kuna time alikuwa ana-demand ISPs ziwe zinamlipa ku-connect tenants, early this year ni yeye alikimbia huko kuwaambia waweke fiber kwa ghorofa yake. Muzee mushienzi sana.

too many fools in 254. he still think he can bribe them as if he is doing them a favor

This country is burdened with hardcore imbeciles

Nyumba si ni yake. Maybe there are other options. Kwangu sufferercom apana tambua.

Let me be the devil’s advocate and ask, What does the tenancy agreement say regarding this? Did you sign it?

With only one simple condition, walipe rent and power for the “control room” … Whatever they do with that space is non of my business.

Hataki hizo wire ziharibu ukuta juu ni mpya. Ameweka net yake ile design wiring ya stima hufanywa. But hiyo net ni unreliable sana.

Anataka hongo from internet providers,ule ataleta kitu musuri per month,atafunguliwa gate

Huyo kubafu hajui internet ni selling point ya nyumba

The landlord has no Rigth to prevent you from installing telecommunications equipment as long as you are the tenant and state that the line will be used during emergency to call for help, the landlord will be infringing on your communication

Wewe sasa you are introducing a different angle, however, if it’s fibre a landlord will have the final say considering infrastructure needed but to his “loss”, if you feel aggrieved hama tu boss.

If the Landlord doesn’t want FIber hama to a place that suits your needs… At some point he will see the Light…

Nairobi saa zingine utaogopa tenants!