landing at icao-tncm, st maarten

Analogue cockpit…like a warm fireplace on a cold winters night.

Men, I need to finish flying school. Ppl ground school with an hour of flight time haikunitosha

Approach ya hii landing ni disaster. Kuna 737 kidogo iende dufo mpararo last month

as interesting as watching a pot of milk boil…

ive tried it numerous times in fsx pilot simulator…a very hard approach i must say…no ils for landing…only vor,dme

this s not datsun,or kagui 110 that you drive…for real pilots,people who are into planes

sawa. only one waits so long for some action…

there is no action in flying sir…tafuta dj afro

Hehehe, kumbe I’m not the only fan of flight sims here. I want to build a custom rig to take this on before I get sufficient cash to go back to school. I tried it once in FS2004, in a Cessna 172 and splashed down even before reaching the beach.

Recently I had a chance to try that flying simulator thing. That thing is addictive. Karibu tukosane na that being that calls me dad…

:D:D what of 747…try it utaniambia… being accurate in the vertical speed and the glidescope is the key thing,

pesa ya kununua yorke ilifanya kunyamazwe 2 good weeks…:smiley: natumia pesa vibaya

747 I tried at HKJK, overshot the runway. I need more lessons.

:D:D:D:D:D kenyatta has an instrument landing system-ils- …but start with small planes like cessna just to familiarize yourself with the approach…very addictive i must say

One day i will fly A380.
Currently am flying solo.

Ulikuwa shule majuu ama Nairobi Aviation?

KSF hapa wilson

BTW uliwacha kuchanua watu na music ama I’m the one who doesn’t see the posts.

Nimepanga kuzianza afresh ndio watu wasipotee nikiprogress.

btw, do you have a link I can download flight simulator? Thanks