Landcruiser reborn!!


wame copy Succeed

zina mbio bala, lakini kwanini hazitumiki WRC vasha?

hio ni ile inakaa probox that replaced caldinas?

It looks like a generic/ cheap version made in China…

bado tunaita V8?

Hio ya kwanza ni V8, then V6 na wanataka kutoa hybrid.

There is new Landcruiser GR sports version.

si hiyo horse power ni mob sana!!

being a diesel engine is a thumps up but a v6 is a downgrade

Its V8 but the V6 has big turbos.

looks alot like the nissan patrol… nice car this one

Just like the 200 Series… it does 3KPL in Nairobi… but I call it a slayqueen… in its current form, it cannot perform well off-road… And the new one is even more of a slayqueen suitable for on-road performance…

Anyone who can afford this thing is not in the fuel price worrying category…

This is thing has been tried and tested so as far as terrain adaptability is concerned this thing has been en tested so wacha and uone

It is true but with all the fenders, bumpers and other kits installed, it kills it’s off-road terrain… if you need to make use of it’s off-road prowess, you’ve got to do a lot of removals… taking away the beauty… I will post a picture of a real offroading 200 series and the standard slayqueen 200… I am not writing from theory but from experience… Further on the fuel, it is not the issue of affording the fuel but about the practicality when the tank is 93 litres standard petrol… older 100 series diesel (with the spare wheel on the rear door allowed an extra spare fuel tank making the capacity 170 litres)… Now if you want to do real offroad stuff you need to have enough fuel to take you to the bundus and back… not with the normal 200 series… You would have to remove the standard tank and install a “Long-Range” Tank… Toyota Landcruiser 200-Series | The Long Ranger It is the same way people think that the winning Rally Car is the normal Toyota Vitz (European Yaris) yet it is a very different thing… The LC200 has everything requireed to take it real offroad but since we buy them for light off-road/ potholed areas/ bumps only, it does not matter even as we add more items and even lower it to the ground to look cool… it is for showbiz only… if you take it off-road you will be shocked when it gets stuck because of those bumpers and “sports” kits added…

This is the real Off-road Version of the LC200


This is the standard LC200 2015 with very poor approach and departure angles and lower ground clearance… great for slaying on-road


Toyota makes 70 series for its off-road clients.

The slay queen Modelista Aero things… killing the off-road capabilities of the LC200… Do you expect this doll to excel off-road? Really?


Then, the LC300 does not have a split tail-gate! In order to make it look like Klugers for you to sweep your leg underneath the boot to open it as you load your shopping bags… WTF!