Land Rover Discovery Ni MKEBE, Get It From An Owner's Perspective. He Praises TOYOTA

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The German couple… As they are known in the forums…

The dude say you cannot risk going to the Australian outback with a Land Rover unless you are a Specialized Mechanic with a boot full of advanced tools, butwith a Toyota you just need fuel.

I have said here many times. Land Rover, Range Rover, BMW, Audi iPhone are all just STATUS SYMBOLS. they are no match for machines such as Land Cruisers or Patrols or Huaweis


True…kila gari na kazi yake. It looks foolish driving the monstrous 4.6l toyota VX in urban settings…hio ipeleke village kule hakuna njia. Hapa town wachia European machines.
Have you realised vijanaa ( under 40 men) are now buying Toyotas specifically for weekend excursions kule bundus. Weekdays ni kuzunguka na German machines nairobi wakichapa job. Cars are never meant to be all purpose.


Hakuna kitu kama io baba. ioVXni gari ya urban settings. Toyota wanajua customers wake wenye wanahitaji gari kwenye hakuna njia, na ao hutengezewa 76 series.

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BMW ikiharibikia Timboroa itabidi uiweke kwa flat bed urudi nayo Nairobi kwa specialist


Time ya Sodom na Yuropa kuwa tisho kwa dunia iliisha 2010.

Saa hii China ndio leaders kwa kutengeneza Madajara, Robots, EVs and EV Batteries, High Speed Trains na AI. Hata Lithography ya Chips withing the nex 8 years watakuwa wanatawala hiyo area

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Peasant proverbs.

It is what it is.

Place a Range Rover Auto Biography & A Land Cruiser VX side by Side Pale Rabat Morocco with enough feul. Finish line iko pale Cairo. Range Rover WON"T Make it despite it’s hig Price. Same with iPhone garbage Vs Huawei. Benchmark tests iPhone inapigwa 9-3. Camera, Battery, Screen Refresh rate, Thermal, Drop tests. Then iPhone bootloaders are no longer unlockable, Batteries are no longer user replacable mpaka upeleke service center waku fleece.

Long Live Xi

They are mere Status Symbols.


When in Kenya are you driving in the desertor extreme conditions. Furthest you’re going is Mombasa and the roads are relatively okay. Most of these 4x4s never see dirt roads. Please don’t mention these floods because that’s one off occurrence.

Ushago siku hizi most have tarmac.

Own the car you want. If you can afford an Autobiography, then you have money to take it for service.


Hatukatai hayo yote but. Workmanship ya Toyota is eons ahead of US or UK luxury cars.

Ingia forums oene Ford ziko na oils leaks day 1 After leaving the showroom, while out there there’s a land cruiser with Half a million Kilometers on the road without engine overhaul.

500,000 KM Land Cruiser


Video proudly sponsored by Toyota. Nashuku sana


There are no Apple service centres in Kenya so ni upelekee fundi akuharibie because Apple designed their phones to be unrepairable so that people can lose faith in their local repair technicians.
I swear iPhone owners regret buying them but suck it up for status.

A stock Toyota is not a good choice to navigate difficult terrains of Australia.
Most people who drive those cars:Mercedes, BMW or use iPhones, will never willingly choose a Toyota over them. At least not the ones who properly maintained them.

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Compare apples to apples. Weka V8 Ford so we can compare with that Landcruiser. Utashangaa mzae. Some of the best engines made are those Ford V8 especially the diesels. They have better duty cycles and very good thermal management under large loads. Hiyo Landcruiser yako probably carried no loads. Iwekishe loads alafu uanze kuongea.

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