Land properties and holdings limited

Niko hapa nawatch inooro tv. All adverts on this tv ni za shamba maguta maguta.

Even the advertising is meant to attract to peoples emotions. With some gospel songs in the background.

Apparently there is this land they have been trying to sell lakini wamekutana na shamba la mawe…ni kama watu hawanunui. Now they have slashed their prices from 300k to 200k.

And then they all have mottos that their passion is to see their customers prosper or some bullshit like that.

Wengine i heard them urging clients to buy their land now because in 6 months the price will double! Smh…most of that land has been on sale for the last ome year and they still advertising them…si hapo kuna shida wadau?


We have been saying, steer clear out of that shenanigans

Right now there is case on some plots in juja farm that were selling for 15k for a 50 x 100 plot back in 2012. Some of my mums friends were buying upto 10 plots each only to find out later that the mother to title to that land was acquired illegally.

I am watching a movie on BorderTV, StarTimes, and they have asked the viewers to name 2 movies by John Travolta, then this message splashes on the screen:

(1) Broken Arrow (2) Taking The Pelham 123 (3) The Punisher… I always like it when Travolta is the villain. Withhold my name.

They have asked for name and location now I am left wondering this must be a talker.

That must be @Kihii Kiaganu :D:D

I only have one rule on buying land,if i don’t see myself living there am not buying. I recently heard an advert on plots in Subukia, Mwingi and Rimuruti. A lot of agricultural land has been lost to speculators with more money than sense. Fortunately, you can only buy so much on credit before you have to sell some and that’s where they realise how illiquid land is, especially if in a remote place

After rubbing shoulders with real life dollar millionaires, I decided henceforth kama plot sinunui ya kujenga ama for some other immediate use (less than one year), I have no business owning it. I am all about cashflow now. If anything doesn’t give me cold hard cash monthly or annually, I am not interested. That is why I prefer markets i.e stocks.

Buying land in Kenya is like playing russian roulette with your money. There are so many land scams, fake titles, fake speculators… it’s just too risky. Land has also become waaaayyy overpriced because culturally speaking, a real mugikuyu is defined first by his mugunda. Multiply that by the sheer number of people who have this mentality. You almost can’t call yourself a pure blood na you don’t own soil/ardhi/tiiri, or are working hard to acquire some. Yes, it’s totally irrational, the question is how do we save people from themselves by decoupling identity and land ownership?

Don’t try to save people. Save yourself. They will learn from the example you set. Kirindi kiaremire Musa

I learnt in Econ class that land ain’t the best investment. But waafrika, we gotta be.
For inheritance maybe.

Stocks n all maybe generative, but s real African man gotta have land to achia watoto

Personally, I would rather leave my beneficiaries with an already built plot with rental income, a farm with crops etc…just not some idle 50*100 in the middle of the Chalbi Desert. Land is a bad investment if it doesn’t generate income

Is land a good medium for saving/holding money?

No. Land is not liquid. Think about it this way, you save for a rainy day. When the rainy day comes and you have land instead of money, you have two bad choices to make: either take a loan using the land (paying obscene interest rates), or sell it at 50 cents on the dollar. If you are going to hold/save money, cash is king. Economics 101, transaction value of money. That is just my thought though.