Land in Kiambu, Ndumberi, Ruiru, Kikuyu area

A friend is looking for 1/8th acre plot for residential purposes in the mentioned areas. It should be close to tarmac, schools and social amenities. If you have links hit my inbox. Budget is 1.5-3M

Ingia Oaklands Ruiru tafuta kiwanja within your budget

Twiga Estate formally owned by mboi-,Kamiti.

Niko nayo Kayole utachukua?

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I advised him against it because it will be a congested slum in the foreseeable future. I also found them too rigid on their pricing as an early investor in Kijani.

Shamba za Mboi Kamiti nazo mtu hafai kuwekelea senti bro

Where in Kayole and how much? he works along thika rd.

Got one available in Limuru near Nakuru-Nairobi highway if still interested.

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2.2 M negotiable.

Best to buy right now Kikuyu area…plots ziko mingi…

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How is the general area in terms of security? inbox photos.

Don’t buy. Slum incoming! Go buy in Tigoni (1/2 an acre for 10M) and forever enjoy the countryside’s sprawling tea farms and mansions all around.