Land fraud in karen. Seems conmen are having a field day tangu SSU itolewe

On 18th January 2023, Richard Hooper was minding his own business at his home in Karen, a place he owns and has called home for the last 25 years, when two strangers showed up at his gate. One of them, claimed he was the Karen Police Deputy OCS and he had brought Peter Munene Kamau a flashy guy driving Range Rover KCY 907 aggressively seeking access to Hooper’s land. Hooper thought they were joking but they were dead serious. It has now emerged one of the individuals is Peter Munene Kamau who works in cahoots with Bernard Mbugua Ng’ang’a. If you google that name, you will see a man who has several court cases where he has been charged with land fraud. They’re allegedly part of a dangerous land cartel that targets expensive properties owned by elderly Kenyans and steal them. They move so fast and your land is gone before you know what’s happening. They work together with corrupt lawyers, Ministry of Lands officials and the police to steal land from their rightful owners. Yesterday friends of Richard Hooper and the Karen community stopped what appeared to be an attempted land steal by this land gang. From the documents filed in court, Bernard Mbugua Ng’ang’a claims he had lived in Hooper’s property for 24 years. The same land that Hooper has lived in all this time, and Bernard has never been seen there. Bernard has moved to court to get the court to declare him as the rightful owner. Hooper in his response in court has denied these claims by Ng’ang’a. Richard states he has never abandoned his Property. Sources indicate that Bernard operates in the courts and ministry of lands bribing government officials, while Peter Munene is the person who is sent to evict rightful owners from their land.

The land gang have twice tried to gain access to Hooper’s property but they failed. They have behaved in a very intimidating way. Munene was arrested at the scene together with his accomplice Jackson Mwangi Wambui. Jackson has been charged with impersonating a police officer at Ngong Law courts this morning. Munene was released yesterday and told to report back to Karen Police Station today. He is yet to be charged.

You can click the link and see how unmoved the conmen are in the vedio, an indication of blessings from above

Huyu jamaa hachoki ? Yala River material

hizo mbwa koko zipigwe risasi ziwache kusumbua raia

Reminds me of this land fraudster who was gunned down along Forest Road at 11pm in 2015 after swindling Ksh100m from a buyer.

These are the types of characters that should be floating in Nairobi River.

Freedom is here for land thieves.

I was shocked to learn that former Langata constituency MP Nixon Korir is the PS, ministry of lands.
Very strategic.

shiney eye wizi iko ndani ya dna

Better option is going after their family members. Killing them is not enough justice.

Hio kifua anakuja nayo inasema ako na backing ya who is who. That’s lot’s of audacity bana

A small gun and bullets will cost you not more that 50k.

Hiring a gunman as well will cost you less than 200k.

Mbona ukubali mtu akusumbue as if yeye ako na makende tatu?

Haujui hawa watu wakona backing ya nani. Unaweza pata high ranking Kenya Kwisha officials are behind this. These guys ni watu wa mkono tu.

It doesn’t matter. Usikubali mwanaume mwenzako akusumbue. In the worst case scenario, go down to the grave with him.

SSU ilikua imelainisha hawa watu. Elders ukiwai jipata na jangili kama hizi just hire assassins. You can imagine someone wants to forcefully evict you from a property that you’ve had for 25yrs

wakubali win win situation.

Freedom is here :D:D:D

Please change my village title to “Top G”

na mzungu was a colonialist lakini bigi g anataka shamba ya collaborators

Hehehe… how do you demand land from collaborators when you yourself are a thief stealing from Kenyans.