☆SIZE: 40x80 plots
☆LOCATION: Near Viraj International school. 600m from tarmac.
☆Price: 2,000,000
☆PAYMENT PLAN: 12 months. Deposit 200k, and clear balance in 1 year.
5% discount for cash buyers.
☆Amenities: Perimeter wall with a secure gate, access to water, electricity, road.
☆CONTACT 0712 767 931 for a site visit or enquiries.

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Why not put price?

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Weka cash price

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Why not put price?

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What if I fail to clear the balance in a year?

Will you refund my 200k?

40x80 2 million. Aki si mko na shida. Hiyo 40x80 ukienda bank huwezi pewa ata 100k. So what metrics is being used to value it. Asin any so called assett should be able to pay itself in 5-10 years.

Kama ni kupunguza rent. Lets say you van rent a 3 bedroom for 20-50k in a modest area.

Now lets assume it costs a modest 5 million to put up a respectable house. The total cost comes to 7 million.

30k x 120 (10 years) is 3.6 million. Surely even at the median rate, you will incur a net loss compared to just renting. Alafu how come shamba ilikuwa inauzwa 2million in 2015 ata saa hii ni 2 million. Shows you’re overpaying by 10x. Bei ya ukweli ni 200k

Yes. But why start paying if not ready to buy? Jipange kwanza, it’s easier that way.