Good afternoon! Delighted to announce a big launching sale on Happyland 2,14 and 15 in Athirover! Do not miss a big offer to our first 20 customers to buy a plot at 3 phase! Be our luck first 20 customers!
☆Size: 40x60
☆Price: 500,000
☆Payment period: 1 year
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40x60 is illegal


Your house, what size of land is it built on?

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1/4 an acre

That’s great. What about the house, the building, excluding the compound?

What is the size limits of a plot? and can you give the legislation that refers to this

There is nothing like ‘minimum space’. Ask any building owner in Naironi CBD the size of their plot, and the bias about there being a minimum size will end.

100 by 100

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I will consult with my lawyer

Minimum is 1/8 acre ie 50x100 but many reduce it to 40x80 due to provision for roads.

FYI many houses in europe are on 60x120ft plots (1/6 acre). Australia ni 1/4 acre.

Athi River life span ni 55 years. Hiyo hewa ni chafu kuruka.

You’ve just been called out. Greed ndio inafanya mnauza hadi hewa. You wonna squeeze as much parcels as possible in an already subdivided plot. Unapata owner anasema tunaeza pasua ⅛ tatu from a ¼ alafu unaskia advert ati we’re selling an eighth in a prime location, title deed ready, ukiangalia dimension unapata 12mX18m. Wameiba everything hadi boundary

If 100x100 was the least legal size there wouldn’t be a single building standing in most of the Estates in Nairobi. Kayole hata 30x40 ziko jamaa.

Finally mtu anaelewa hizi maneno.

Some thieving companies do this assuming their clients are dumb when it comes to matters land. Ukieza kuja site visit zetu na usisahau tape measure. Genuine land sellers still exist, despite the many crooks in the industry. The concept of buying hewa is still a wonder, inamaanisha umedanganywa ukatuma pesa bila kuona land, bila kuconsult anyone.

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there is no such thing as a 40x60 title. Any title you receive is an illegality already. Pesa yako inakunywa maji ukiona na macho hivi :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Watu hushikanisha hizi plots msee tatu tatu ama mbili mbili.

mbona usiuze ikiwa full? Why are you selling something that you cannot legally sell alafu mtu aanze kukimbizna na sheria na machifu na makesi kama chizi

There is nothing like land that you can’t legally sell. The illegal thing is selling someone else’s land, or grabbing someone’s land. Kindly visit our office on Information House, 3rd Floor, so we can get rid of these biases over a cup of tea.

the ultimate test for me is. Can a bank give me a loan of equal or 90% of the value I paid for? Because otherwise what the actual kind of asset am I holding