land for ktalk billionares


Wow hiyo ya Pangani 350M with income ya only 600K would need nearly 50years to get ROI all things constant!
These deals kinda give credence to the argument of the bubble bursting soon surely :confused:

Sir, you are making a very juvenile assumption by insinuating that the land will be worth zero after 50yrs

Your statement is inaccurate. Kama Niko na plot 1 acre Karen na nimejenga mabati house for rent, income 10k, does that mean if I were to sell I should do so with an estimation of ROI (1.2m) or actual value (55m)

Kijana wacha nijibiwe kwanza ndo uulize hii yako ya kilevi

That’s why I said all things constant!

That’s a lousy defence

Land can never be constant

Have you considered how much the property will have appreciated in those 50 years, leave alone the rent?. This bubble bursting theory is a fallacy advanced by people with a very poor grasp of land economics. houses in pretoria sa are cheaper than nairobi

I know there are Kenyans who can afford that, but how many?

few but many imagine they can afford

ile ukimwi na thuggery iko huko i’d hate to breath one air with them

plus, walituharibia biashara sana na ile chlorophyl hate yao i cant remember what people called it