Land compensation puzzle

Land along Waiyaki way is 900k per acre? this WB is now becoming fishy, though people are exaggerating value of land whenever a govt proj is planned, but even 1/8 along this route cannot be 900k

900k hata ikinu haiwezi

I think they are right

who is right?

What does World Bank got to do with Waiyaki Way ? Last time I checked the project is to be funded and built by Chinese.Hii world Bank ndio imefanya the upgrade from Mombasa road to Kangemi or thereabout to take so many years . Initially the road was to be funded by World Bank and built by Strabag AG - SBI but contractor akakuwa blacklisted and that’s why they changed name to RCC .But they are useless buggers nonetheless.


World bank doesnt compensate land…

World bank couldn’t be that stupid on price calculation.

I thought so too .Even for toll roads the government provides land in most if not all cases.

The value of land in Nairobi is about to reset. 30m per acre is not sensible investment in the thirdworld. You cant possibly recoup the invested amount no matter what use you are putting that acre to. Nairobi has been fast evolving into a trashville, with people moving further and further away from areas previously considered prime (those who lived and schooled in buruburu in the 90s can attest to this).

How much should the compensation be, senior valuer.

per acre, jua kusoma…

mimi ama wewe???
kama hujui ikinu ni wapi si utulize kende