Lamu survivors narrate - PS Mariam el Maawy rescued

Shaba attackers hijack a truck ( with driver and coworker) on highway next to forest at midday. They number at least 30.
They commandeer truck 3 km into forest where driver finds small car in which PS is held.
Driver is let go after lying he is a recent converted Muslim and thus could not recite the Shahada.
His coworker (singled out for being non-muslim) stages escape into forest and eventually notifies KDF.
PS Mariam el Maawy found injured in vehicle escaping KDF.

Hii Boni forest sOhio iwekwe landmines
Hawa watu wanajibamba huko sana

What we need is a military operation, like the one that was conducted in Mr. Elgon.

hii boni inakaa ni kubwa sana

Laikipia inakuwa noma @Chifu roger that

I think Mt. Elgon was more complex, guess than Boni.

Laikipia jist happened in an election year, let them guys invade those Ranches come January

There’s something really wrong with our intellience system. How do more than 30 men move around with guns, even in a forest, without security forces getting intel from locals?

Good question. I saw Marwa asking the same question. Sometimes, they( Shaba) are not interested in civilians. They just want security forces so that they can kill and get weapons and medication. So they go from village to village walking past pedestrians and nobody ever reports.


Guka wacha kuongea kama keyboard warrior. Have you been to a serious forest kwanza? Most of Kenyans would absolutely shut up when they get to the outskirts of boni forest, let alone inside it. The insects zenye ziko huko! Aerial surveillance is impossible even with thermal imaging coz of the undergrowth. I’ve seen a post up here ati Mt. Elgon was more complex nikacheka tu.

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