Lamu Senator

College girls (saumu mbuvi)[ATTACH=full]241216[/ATTACH]

The attack is said to have happened over the weekend.
According to the police report filed by a young lady who was with the Senator, he was attacked trying to defend her.
The incident took place at a lounge along USIU Road in Kasarani area.
As an unknown [SIZE=6]short man[/SIZE] tried to assault her, the Senator came to her rescue and a small scuffle ensued
When both of them were leaving the lounge, a group of about nine men accompanied by the short man attacked the senator and caused the head injuries.

@Jigranny umepea mtu RKO

I was about to mention the tiny guy. And what is it with Saumu Mbuvi in brackets

We know the short man as @Panyaste

ata mi sijaelewa juu najua saumu ni kamama na hakako coleh

I thought pia kalizaa about a year ago ama kanatafuta wa pili?

Nikama hamnanga akili , am not a midget

The size of your shoes tells it all.

Hivyo ndio mliambiana na Prince Oga wakati mlikuwa mnadish fufu & egusi soup

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Hehe … ukona ufala