Lami is still a big deal in this country when others are going to Mars

There’s a very big problem in this country. When you talk to kenyans you would be forgiven for mistaking that kenya has produced Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Albert Einstein and Bill Gates. Self esteem is off the charts but when you really go into the nitty, gritty details you realize it’s just hot air.

In addition, guys should be on the streets protesting the extremely poor delivery of services. Yesterday DH and I were part of a convoy going to buy someone’s daughter. Now we faced a conundrum: mwisho wa lami. What happens when you get to the end of an asphalt road, the midday sun is hitting with a renewed venengeance and there’s a dustbowl formation from lorries ferrying stones…do you open the windows to avoid heat or close them to avoid dust? What comes first? :smiley:

That’s when you realize the wisdom of brokers advertising real estate “0.5 km from the tarmac.” Happy and blessed are those who live near tarmacked roads. So, are we doomed to inhaling dust and glorifying this very trivial thing called asphalt coz this January heat just gives a whole new meaning to vumbistan.

We wuz kangz

Purple unasumbua

Gari haina air conditioner? The air conditioner should come first.

No one can go to Mars, what they call mars is a wondering star

you get a better car with a/c

How do you run air conditioning when caught up in a dust bowl?

What exactly is your complaint…no Bezos or Asphalt?

it runs perfectly well. There is something called a cabin filter

What happened

Elon Musk sells hype and false hope, just like bishop Kanyari of Nairobi. Sijasoma chenye umeandika, so sitaweza kucomment

Hao wanapeleka tesla cars wanapeleka hype na false hope kama za arror ?

Ako Kwa matatu imejaa

Section 1227 blues

Perfectly answered.

John mwisi, January biashara iko aje?



Everything! Omwafrika has a very, very long way to go and its rather depressing.

You’re settling yourself up for disappointment by your glass half empty outlook