Lame Duck President? Ama ni Ulevi

“…within 21 days, I have ordered an investigation on the covidmillionaires…”- it months now and nothing has happened

“…within two weeks, all ministries should publish how they give tenders in websites” - nothing like that has been done

kinoti parrades pev victims - the guy claims he did not know prior to the media news

What’s happening with this guy. Do the people around him know he is weak, hence doing things their way? is he still in charge? are cartels too powerful? So many questions that require concrete answers!!!

Nangonjea comment ya @kima…no sorre ya @spear

Kenya has independent institutions including Judiciary, DCI, Anti-corruption body etc and the president has let them do their work as per the constitution. Its nothing to do with being weak, but it’s respecting the katiba. I hope you dont expect Uhuru to be calling the officers to statehouse kuwachapa viboko like Jomo.

No problem, but at least we would be seeing progress on the orders he gave

Actually the point is that he should not be giving orders. That’s colonial stuff.
According to the constitution, there’s someone tasked with oversight and given the powers to investigate.

So he even doesn’t understand his job

Sio ulevi na sio eti hajui chenye anafanya. Anajua kenyans ni wajinga, spineless eunuchs.

He came, he saw, he conquered.

Billions zake alipea fund managers wa Switzerland wakopeshe kenya, your taxes will earn him more billions for the next 100 years.

Na za hustler ziko wapi since they were in it 50/50?

Hawakuwa pamoja 50/50. Hustler was paid for his services by that family, yeye hakuibia serikali. Na zote amenunua mashamba na kuwekeza papa hapa kenya, ili kuendeleza uchumi wa taifa.

ako sawa,tuendelee hivo hivo until a good enough number say its enough

You do Ruto no credit at all with these stupid arguments. Ati Ruto didn’t steal!

Wewe wacha. WSR is a thief just like all the rest. Don’t defend him to a man when it comes to thievery.

He is not weak. he is only pretending. His family is stealing from every sector and he knows that. the only cartel we have is the one which is controlled by his family. how will he investigate himself?

He is also tasked with oversight everyone in the executive is his appointee