Lamba lolo: what does it mean?

Asking for a grown up man, what does ‘lamba lolo’ mean? Been tryna find out without much success. Millenials can you help a sponsor here?

Let not our age difference stop us from fucking each other. We must f**k whether or not we understand what lamba lolo means.


TAKE YOUR index finger and insert it behind your butt then smell it


Origin: Lamba = lick, Lolo= sheng for poosy. Used to bring out the same effect as “Screw You!” ama “Enda Ukikaukanga”
Iyo picha ya lamba lolo schools ni Fake/photo duka kama deek ya Mandingo

[ATTACH=full]163498[/ATTACH] since you like fishing from pool shukabagga here is one

That’s so smart. I bet you have a PhD in stupidity.


I will leave this here with you to decipher

mimi najua tu ile wimbo ya PAPA LOLO naskianga pale Harrys tavern . hizo millenial languages siwes ongea


Niko embakasi east sasa mdau.
Babu njeee!

it means “s^xk a d!*K”