Lakini Saa Zingine Mnakuwanga Aje ??!!!

Yaani nimeleta mtu wangu , a friend of mine , hapa Nairobi West for one or two things. It’s been two hours and a half na namgoja tu hapa kwa parking juu hatukulipa kanjo ,plus we’ve parked outside someone’s gate.

I suspect ameenda kuosha rungu akanigwqcha hapa nikisuffocate kwa gari In this goddamn Nairobi heat.

:D:D:D:D I concede. Men and women cannot be friends.

And on top of that , sijakula ata lunch.
Saidieni Mimi ni number ya delivery service for a good eatery…kwani wasee wa kuzungusha smokie pasua walienda wapi ? :confused: Save a fellow sistah talker.

The smokie should strictly be for eating…

I concede. Men and women cannot be friends.

You knew it all along but you didn’t want to believe it…
KFC iko apo shell …

:D:D:D:D:D:D what else would I do with a wiener ?

No I didn’t. Hapo I was naive like hell.
Sasa hizi ni Gani ?can you do this to your sister even ?

KFC no.
I want something like pilau ama nyama fry with rice. Or Swahili dishes

A woman’s role* hypothetically is to serve a man’s sexual needs( it’s always been that way though I tend not to believe in it after I started having daughters).

Should a woman fail to provide above, she diminishes her functional role of importance to same man.

You diminished your role so you became obsolete/close to nothing to his subconscious mind hence madharau…pole sana

Iyo kitu umetumia kutuambia uko na dry spell itumie kumpigia nayo.

Ouch. :D:D

But you are on point.

I don’t like nagging men.

Hapo I was naive like hell.

Any nigga who tells you he wants to be your friend is fucking lying… if don’t believe text some of you so called guy friends and tell them you are feel some type of way and see what happens…
Apo nyuma tmall kulikuanga na klub I am not sure if they are still in business but walikua na food poa.

it’s always been that way though I tend not to believe in it after I started having daughters

You not believe doesn’t negate the fact that other dudes believe it… juzi I was watching some random stand up of you tube and the comedian was telling the women in the audience that since they hit puberty every guy they have met has bn offering dick.

@Starscream ulisema Nairibi west lanye wanaitisha ngapi?

Niko Karen. Nikam uninyonye

Called them they are renovating.
It’s cool ata tumetoka.
Nimepata Million apologies. Hekaya ndefu Sana. Kanairos…:D:D:D
Ata simu yake sijui amenyang’anywa.

A priestress (The Twa twa preacher) said, “The deeper you go, the more nothing we feel”


Like hell ! That would be very embarrassing and awkward.
You seriously telling me you don’t have a gal/ woman who is just a friend ? Totally ?

It was funny but she was right about the two inches. I have total respect for madam twa twa.

Kibanda on your left,…umeiona?

nikapata wamemaliza food. Hizo vibanda Huwa active lunch hour tu for the construction guys I guess.

BHasi kunywa maji