Lakeside Samaki and A Man Named Ownio!

Hio kabuti iko na style mzuri sana. Nataka a inject ma colors kawa hizo ngozi…

Now, this is an innovative entrepreneur working to improve his community. His next step is open up a small shop in Nairobi selling them to Kenyans and tourists.

Fish wanakuwanga na skin ama scales :rolleyes:


That’s absolutely brilliant

Nice…but a turnover of 150k dollars??


Bright man. But why has he given out ingredients he uses to make his unique natural chemicals used in tanning.

150,000 tonnes of dumped fish skin per year

I hope he has patented this s.hit ama tusikie its patented in China.


If I can afford it I’ll get my nduthi saddle redone.

Nishawai tembea kibra some times back nikapata kibanda inauzwa readymade ngozi ya samaki na kuku. :D:D my first question was where do they get them from

Si nduthi itanuka kamongo

Least of my worries.

You mean omena

how will they extract omena skin