Lake Victoria, Turkana, Naivasha & Others Swell To Prehistoric Levels

Nature is reclaiming what is rightfully hers.

Bado tunaambiwa climate change is bringing drought eti tupande miti.


Climate chage is REAL

It is a natural phenomenon that has been happening on planet earth for millions of years, even before Humans were introduced onto this planet. HOWEVER Human activities accelarate the process.

That is the Most UNBIASED answer ever to Climate Change deniers

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This is mostly due to deforestation.
Another human activity with very negative consequences.

Utaskia ngamia za serikali zimetoa matractor za kubomolea watu ati wako riparian zone

You misunderstand; it means you climb trees.

Global warming is fake fake fake fake

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It is not fake.

What ended the Ice age?

Global Warming caused by numerous Volcanic eruptions among another factors.