Lake Naivasha flooding

Estates, hotels, flower farms, camp sites all under water.


na bado Africa haijaanza ku-split from the rift…

Hizo flower farms ni za Ile familia ya Gatundu? Thanks be to nature

Waniuzie hiyo hippo moja nichinje niweke kwa deep freezer nikule miezi tatu.

Idiot seems you see uhuru ghosts everywhere. You need help. Flowers farms owned by the dutch and muhindis. 20,000 kenyans out of work due to floods.

na employees bonobo?

bonobos in charge did not consider drainage…

Thousands of hippos, buffaloes, zebra etc at risk of starvation due to lack of pasture coz area around lake has been built up. Starving hippos forced to graze on available patches during the day.

Hell yeah… Land grabbers put on notice. Mother nature shaft them kabisa! Alafu can someone own a hippo. I want two. I like the animals.

Si utafute tu momo ufuge

Mwambie aongee na Rexxsimba

Fuck the Dutch and the Wahindi. I would only sympathize if those shambas were owned by Kinuthia, Mutiso or Onyango. Fuck the imperial colonists and their local stooges!!

The late professor Wangari Muta Maathai warned us that “nature is unforgiving. If you destroy it, it will destroy you”.

Nature reclaiming itself.

Its happening to Lake Nakuru, L. Baringo and L. Bogoria too. Lake Turkana also has burst its banks, sth is happening in Rift Valley. Hio tectonics shifts wanasema they should add more info to it.

If possible look at the “bigger pic”, what risks are we facing as people of the rift valley floor.

The unforgiving nature when mishandled

This is the bullshit justification for billionaire robbery worldwide - atty they have employees. There would be more and better employed people in Kenya if Kenyatta family was a fair player because Kenya would be a more prosperous place.

You can own any animal you want as long as you’re of the right hue.