Lake Chala in Taita Taveta county

Lake Chala, also known as Dschalla,[1] is a crater lake in a caldera[2] on the borders of Kenya and Tanzania on the eastern edge of Mount Kilimanjaro, 8 km north of Taveta and 55 km from the town of Moshi. Depending on the time of year, it ranges in colour from deep blue to turquoise and green, it is surrounded by a 100 metres high crater rim. The lake is fed by groundwater flows, which come from Mount Kilimanjaro, fed and drained under ground with a rate of about 10 million m³ / year.[3] Even the Chala loses volume. Its level had dropped in the last 6 years, by 2.4 metres, at the start of 2011 the water level has risen again by over 1 metre.
The lake is home to the endemic Lake Chala tilapia (Oreochromis hunteri),[4] which is now considered Critically Endangered on the IUCNred list of threatened species[5]

Crocodiles were introduced to Lake Chala in the early 1900s, and in 2002, a woman was killed by a rare Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) while swimming in the lake.[6] Since then the local fishermen, tired of having their nets ripped to pieces by the non-native crocodiles, started an eradication programme by shooting and poisoning. It is doubtful if any crocodiles remain in the lake today.[7]

This stunning volcanic area is rapidly growing in tourism and it is now possible to stay at Lake Chala.

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Huku nishaenda kutafuta ndonga

Stunnigly beautiful, Mwende must see this


But very creepy. Usidanganywe na hizo picha. I you want to feel the lake. Shuka huko chini and take a swim. Hiyo hotel unaona iko side ya TZ. Kenya hakuna hotel, yenye ilikuwa ilikufa kitambo sana

kuna baridi?

mamba walimalizwa wote?

A lake with no beach.

Very pertinent question… and the writer tone seems to be saddened by the fact that zilimalizwa

beautiful, kuna nyoka nitapeleka next weekend

There is Lumi Resort a few kilometers from there on our side.
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What did you feel?

That’s why it is a crater lake.

There is an MP who committed suicide after a curse from elders. The curse was related to allowing development or “selling” lake Challa.

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Nice. The last time i was there kulikuwa hakuna hotel side ya K.E

Unasema yule owner wa Lotus Hotel in Msa. Yeye ndio alikuwa na hotel huko side ya kenya. It collapsed after he commited suicide

Planning to take a stroll to this region any day maybe i might meet [@Useless Specator](‘http://@Useless Specator’) as he has pointed out above

Great marketing point with the recent Black Panther success.

That this the lake T’challa and Killmonger fought lol

Ule wa PSAT?